1955 Hawaiian submarine eruption

The 1955 Hawaiian submarine eruption was a submarine eruption that occurred 90 km (56 mi) northeast of Necker Island on August 20, 1955. Steaming water, water discoloration and an eruption column took place during the eruption. A possible pumice raft was also witnessed. The eruption originated about 4 km (2.5 mi) below sea level from an unnamed submarine volcano. The eruption produced a column of smoke several meters high.[1] It is probably the westernmost historical eruption within the Hawaiian Islands.[2] Another but less certain submarine eruption may have occurred 60 km (37 mi) northwest of Oahu on May 22, 1956.[2]

References [ edit ]

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Coordinates: 23°35′N163°50′W / 23.583°N 163.833°W / 23.583; -163.833

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