1965 Gambian republic referendum

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A referendum on becoming a republic was held in the Gambia on 24 November 1965.[1] If the referendum had passed, the post of president would have replaced Elizabeth II as head of state, and thus eliminated the post of Governor-General.

There were 154,626 registered voters for the referendum, with 93,484 valid votes cast. 65.85% of voters voted for the proposal, but failed to reach the two-thirds support required for the proposal to be accepted.

A second referendum was held in 1970, which resulted in a successful "yes" vote. Prime Minister Dawda Jawara was elected president by the parliament, replacing Elizabeth II (represented by Farimang Mamadi Singateh) as head of state on 24 April 1970.

Result [ edit ]

Choice Votes %
For 61,563 65.85
Against 31,921 34.15
Total 93,484 100
Registered voters/turnout 154,626 60.46
Source: African Elections database

References [ edit ]

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