2016 Democratic Republic of the Congo gubernatorial elections

2016 Democratic Republic of the Congo gubernatorial elections

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20 Provincial Governors from 26
  First party Second party
Party People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy Independent
Seats won 15 5
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Gubernatorial elections took place in 20 out of the 21 new provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 26 March 2016 (in Sud-Ubangi the election did not occur until April 1, while in Nord-Ubangi a second round had to be held as no candidate received the majority).[1] The elections were the first to take place since the Congolese government has fragmented the former 11 provinces into 26 as mandated by the DRC constitution,[2] though by the time elections occurred only 21 provinces had completed the reform process.[3] In most of the provinces, the elected governors are members or affiliates of the Alliance of the Presidential Majority.[1]

Initially, the Constitutional Court ruled that President Joseph Kabila could appointed interim governors. They went on to organize elections in their regions. The Congolese opposition largely boycotted the elections or were excluded from them.[4]

Governors are elected by provincial assemblies.[1]

Results by province [ edit ]

List of the governors-elect by province.[5][6][7]

Province Governor-elect Party
Bas-Uele Borrey Armand Kasubu Mbaya Independent
Equateur Tony Cassius Bolamba Independent
Haut-Katanga Jean-Claude Kazembe Musonda Majority
Haut-Lomami Célestin Mbuyu Kabango Majority
Haut-Uele Jean-Pierre Lola Kisanga Independent
Ituri Mbaka Jefferson Abdallah Pene Majority
Kasaï Marc Manyanga Ndambo Majority
Kasaï-Central Alex Kande Mupompa Independent
Kasaï-Oriental Alphonse Ngoy Kasanji Majority
Kwango Kabula Mavula Larousse Majority
Kwilu Lumuna Godel Kinyoka Kaba Majority
Lomami Muteba Patrice Kamanda Tshibangu Majority
Lualaba Richard Muyez Majority
Mai-Ndombe Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka Majority
Mongala Bolea Bienvenu Essimba Baluwa Independent
Nord-Ubangi Marie-Thérèse Gerengbo Majority
Sankuru Lukata Ulungu Ekunda Majority
Tanganyika Richard Ngoy Kitangala Majority
Tshopo Jean Ilongo Tokole Majority
Tshuapa Cypien Lomboto Lombonge Majority

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