Abd al Kuri

Abd al Kuri

Jasiirada Khuuri
Disputed island
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Photograph by NASA
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Coordinates 12°11′8.9″N 52°14′18″E  /  12.185806°N 52.23833°E  / 12.185806; 52.23833 Coordinates: 12°11′8.9″N52°14′18″E / 12.185806°N 52.23833°E / 12.185806; 52.23833
Archipelago Socotra Archipelago [1]
Area 133 km2 (51 sq mi)
Length 36 km (22 mi)
Width 5 km (3.1 mi)
Highest point
  • Mount Ṣāliḥ[2]
Administered by
Governorate Socotra Governorate [3]
Capital city Kilmia
Claimed by
Population 450[1]
Density 3.38/km²

Abd al Kuri (Arabic: عبد الكوري‎) is a rocky island in the Guardafui Channel.[4] As a part of the Socotra Archipelago[2] of the Socotra Governorate of Yemen,[3] it lies about 65 miles (105 km) southwest of the island of Socotra.[2] It is geographically closer to Somalia.[2] It consists of granite and diorite covered by limestone.[5] There is a dispute between Yemen and Somalia's government over the island's sovereignty.[6]

Geography [ edit ]

Much of Abd al Kuri is semi-desert with little vegetation.[2] Two ranges of hills separated near the centre occupy the entire length of the island.[7] The northern coast consists mostly of a sandy beach with a few rocky points, while the southern coast consists of steep cliffs.[7][8] Its highest point, Mount Ṣāliḥ, reaches an altitude of over 700 metres (2,300 feet). Most of its inhabitants subsist on fishing.[2] Kilmia is the main village.[9]

Flora and fauna [ edit ]

Abd al Kuri has a number of endemic plant species[2] and an endemic bird, the Abd al-Kuri sparrow with estimated population of fewer than 1,000.[10][11][12]

Two species of lizards which are native to Abd al Kuri, Mesalina kuri and Pristurus abdelkuri, are named for the island.[13][14][15]

History [ edit ]

On 1 July 2006, the Somali seafaring vessel Mariam IV sank off the coast of Abd al Kuri. 16 of the 19 crew members survived, and complications followed when the citizens of Kilmia would not allow the use of their own radio. Rescue by a German helicopter came a week later, but the chief officer was mistakenly left behind. Due to difficulties with wind, transportation, and communication, the officer was not returned to mainland Yemen until September. He described the island as "A hellish place, where time stands still, and one can feel completely alone in the world."

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Topographic map of Socotra archipielago; Abd al-Kuri at bottom left

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