Abishua (Hebrew: אֲבִישׁוּעַ ’Avishua‘, "my father is rescue") was an early High priest of Israel.

Abishua is mentioned in the books 1 Chronicles (6:35) and Ezra (7:5) as the son of the High Priest Phinehas, son of Eleazar. As such, he is the great-grandson of Aaron, the brother of Moses and first High Priest. It is likely that Abishua was a contemporary of the Israelite judge Ehud and the Moabite king Eglon.[1]

According to Josephus and other extrabiblical sources, he succeeded his father as High Priest.[2][citation needed]

Name and namesakes [ edit ]

  • The meaning of the name "Abishua" is uncertain, but may be "the (divine) father is opulence."[3]
  • The name also appears in reference to a grandson of Benjamin in 1 Chronicles 8:4.

References [ edit ]

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