Abu Ahmad Monajjem

Abu Ahmad Yahya ibn Ali ibn Yahya ibn Abi Mansur Aban al-Monajjem[1] (Arabic: ابواحمد یحیی ابن علی ابن یحیی ابن ابی منصور آبان المنجم‎) (b. 241/855-56, died in 13 Rabi' I 300/29 October 912) was a medieval Persian music theorist, literary historian and poet. He belonged to the family of Banu Munajjem, a family of Iranian descent, associated with the Abbasid court for more than two centuries.[1]

He is mainly famous for a treatise on music, Resāla fi’l-mūsīqī رساله فی الموسیقی written for Al-Mu'tadid. His other famous work, of equal importance, is a compilation of biographies with some poetry named Ketāb al-bāher fī aḵbār šoʿarāʾ moḵażramī al-dawlatayn. He was highly praised by Al-Marzubani as a decent poet. He was well-versed in Arabic language, and he it is said that he wrote many books, though even the name of those books are not known today.[1]

References [ edit ]

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