Administrative divisions of Somalia

Regions of Somalia

Gobolada Soomaaliya (Somali)

مناطق الصومال

Also known as:

Suddivisioni della Somalia (Italian)
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Category Federal states
Location Federal Republic of Somalia
Number 18 Regions
Populations Unknown
Areas Unknown
Government Region government
Subdivisions District
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Somalia is officially divided into eighteen (18) administrative regions (gobollada, singular gobol),[1] which in turn are subdivided into ninety (90) districts (plural degmooyin; singular degmo).

On a de facto basis, northern Somalia is now divided up among the autonomous regions of Puntland (which considers itself an autonomous state) and Somaliland (a self-declared but unrecognized sovereign state). In central Somalia, Galmudug is another regional entity that emerged south of Puntland.[1] For these civil war divisions, see States and regions of Somalia.

Regions and districts

Region Population

(2014 estimate)[2]
Location Districts
Banaadir Region 1,650,227 Central Abdiaziz District

Bondhere District

Daynile District

Dharkenley District

Hamar Jajab District

Hamar Weyne District

Hodan District

Hawle Wadag District

Huriwa District

Karan District

Shibis District

Shangani District

Waberi District

Wadajir District

Wardhigley District

Yaqshid District
Galguduud Region 569,434 Central Abudwaq District

Adado District

Dhusa Mareb District

El Buur District

Galhareeri District

El Dher District
Hiran Region 520,685 Central Beledweyne District

Buloburde District

Moqokori District

Halgan District

Buq Aqable District

Jalalaqsi District

Mataban District

Mahas District
Middle Shebelle Region 516,036 Central Adale District

Adan Yabal District

Balad District

Jowhar District

Mahaday District

Runirgod District

Warsheikh District
Lower Shebelle Region 1,202,219 Central Afgooye District

Barawa District

Kurtunwarey District

Merca District

Qoriyoley District

Sablale District

Walaweyn District
Bari Region 719,512 North Eastern Waiye District

Bayla District

Bosaso District

Alula District

Iskushuban District

Qandala District

Ufayn District

Qardho District

Rako District
Mudug Region 717,863 North Eastern Galkayo District

Galdogob District

Harardhere District

Hobyo District

Jariban District
Nugal Region 392,698 North Eastern Garowe District

Eyl District

Burtinle District

Dangorayo District
Awdal Region 673,263 North Western Baki District

Borama District

Lughaya District

Zeila District
Sanaag Region 544,123 North Western Badhan District

Dhahar District

Erigavo District
Sool Region 327,428 North Western Aynabo District

Las Anod District

Taleh District

Hudun District
Togdheer Region 721,363 North Western Burao District

Buhoodle District

Odweyne District

Sheikh District
Woqooyi Galbeed Region 1,242,003 North Western Berbera District

Gabiley District

Hargeisa District
Bakool Region 367,226 Southern El Barde District

Hudur District

Tiyeglow District

Wajid District

Yeed District
Bay Region 792,182 Southern Baidoa District

Burhakaba District

Dinsoor District

Qasahdhere District
Gedo Region 508,405 Southern Bardera District

Beled Hawo District

El Wak District

Dolow District

Garbaharey District

Luuq District

Burdhubo District
Middle Juba Region 362,921 Southern Bu'ale District

Jilib District

Sakow District

Salagle District
Lower Juba Region 489,307 Southern Afmadow District

Badhadhe District

Jamame District

Kismayo District

Historical divisions


In 1931, Italian Somaliland consisted of seven commissariats.[3]

  • Alto Giuba
  • Alto Uebi-Scebeli
  • Basso Giuba
  • Basso Uebi-Scebeli
  • Migiurtinia
  • Mogadiscio
  • Mudugh

Following the 1935–36 Second Italo-Abyssinian War, Italian Somaliland became part of Italian East Africa with Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Eritrea. Italian Somaliland was one of six governorates of the new colony, the Somalia Governorate, and incorporated Somali-inhabited parts of the former Abyssinia. The governorate was subdivided into 10 commissariats, which were themselves divided into residencies.

Following World War II, the Italian-administered Trust Territory of Somalia consisted of six Regions.[3]

  • Alto Giuba
  • Basso Giuba
  • Benadir
  • Hiran
  • Migiurtinia
  • Mudugh

The British Somaliland protectorate also consisted of two Regions.[3]

  • Burao
  • Hargeisa


Upon independence in 1960, the Somali Republic maintained the 12 districts of the former Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland that merged to form the new country.[3] In 1964, a new Northeastern (Burao) Province was established by merging Burao, Erigavo, and Las Anod and a Northwestern (Hargeisa) Province was formed from Berbera, Borama, and Hargeisa districts.[3] In 1968, the capital of Basso Giuba was moved from Kismayo to Jamame. The 8 provinces at this time were:[3]

Province Area(km²) Capital
Benadir 45,004 Mogadishu
Burao 128,000 Burao
Hargeisa 48,000 Hargeisa
Hiran 25,647 Beled Weyne
Lower Juba 49,917 Jamame
Bosaso 90,744 Bosaso (Bender Cassim)
Mudug 118,737 Galkayo
Upper Juba 131,492 Baidoa

In 1982, Somalia reorganized from eight provinces into 16 regions.[3] In June 1984, Awdal was split from Woqooyi Galbeed and Sool was split from Nugaal to form the current 18 regions.[3]

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