Afyonkarahisar Province

Afyonkarahisar Province

Afyonkarahisar ili  (Turkish)
Location of Afyonkarahisar Province in Turkey
Location of Afyonkarahisar Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Aegean
Subregion Manisa
Provincial seat Afyonkarahisar
 • Electoral district Afyonkarahisar
 • Total 14,230 km2 (5,490 sq mi)
 • Total 725,568
 • Density 51/km2 (130/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0272
Vehicle registration 03

Afyonkarahisar Province (Turkish: Afyonkarahisar ili), also called more simply Afyon Province, is a province in western Turkey.

Adjacent provinces are Kütahya to the northwest, Uşak to the west, Denizli to the southwest, Burdur to the south, Isparta to the southeast, Konya to the east, and Eskişehir to the north. The provincial capital is Afyonkarahisar. It covers an area of 14.230 km², and the population is about 706.371 (2014 est).[2]

Districts [ edit ]

Afyonkarahisar province is divided into 18 districts:

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References [ edit ]

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