Air Accident Investigation Authority

Air Accident Investigation Authority
A bird's eye view of Hong Kong International Airport.JPG

Aerial view of Chek Lap Kok Airport, where AAIA is headquartered
Agency overview
Formed 10 September 2018 (2018-09-10)
Jurisdiction Government of Hong Kong
Headquarters 1 Tung Fai Road

Lantau, New Territories
Agency executive
  • Man Ka-chai, Chief Accident and Safety Investigator
Parent agency Transport and Housing Bureau
Air Accident Investigation Authority
Traditional Chinese 民航意外調查機構
Simplified Chinese 民航意外调查机构

The Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA; Chinese: 民航意外調查機構) is responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents in Hong Kong, as well as those in other territories involving a Hong Kong-registered aircraft. It was established in 2018 under the Transport and Housing Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong.

Its head office is on the property of Hong Kong International Airport.[1]

Background [ edit ]

Investigating aviation accidents was previously the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), Hong Kong's civil aviation authority. In 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) implemented new standards requiring that member states maintain air accident investigation authorities that are independent of civil aviation authorities and related entities.[2] This aims to ensure that accident investigations are conducted objectively, as the regulatory environment and air traffic control system may fall within the remit of an investigation.[3]

The new ICAO standards took effect in November 2016, and were recommended for implementation within two years. To meet the new requirements, the Hong Kong Government set up the AAIA under the Transport and Housing Bureau.[2] Its director, holding the title of chief inspector of accidents, took office on 10 September 2018, thereby marking the formal establishment of the AAIA.[4] The legislative framework for the new agency came into effect on 3 December 2018, formally transferring relevant functions and powers of the director-general of civil aviation (the head of the CAD) to the chief inspector of accidents.[5]

Chief investigators [ edit ]

The AAIA is led by a Chief Accident and Safety Investigator (formerly Chief Inspector of Accidents):[6]

# Name Tenure start Tenure end Tenure length
1 Darren Gregory Straker 10 September 2018 April 2020
2 Man Ka-chai April 2020 Incumbent

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