Al-Mu'tadid I

Al-Mu'tadid I

المعتضد بالله
6th Caliph of Cairo
Reign 1352–1362
Predecessor Al-Hakim II
Successor Al-Mutawakkil I
Born unknown date

Cairo, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
Died 1362

Cairo, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
Issue Al-Mutawakkil I
Father Al-Mustakfi II
Religion Sunni Islam

Al-Mu'tadid I (Arabic: المعتضد بالله‎) was the sixth Caliph of Cairo for the Mamluk Sultanate between 1352 and 1362.

Al-Mu'tadid I took the office after the death of his brother in the year 1352 CE. He remained in the office for ten years. He died in the year of 1362. He was a lover of the People of science. Under his reign Sultan Salah al-Din Salih was deposed in 755 AH and Nasser Hassan returned. He remained in the Sultanate for seven years and was killed in 762 AH. The Sultanate gave his nephew, Mansour ibn Muhammad al-Muzaffar Amir Haj, only two years to disembark.

References [ edit ]

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Al-Mu'tadid I
Born: ?  Died: 1362
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by

Al-Hakim II
Caliph of Cairo

Succeeded by

Al-Mutawakkil I

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