Al-Mustakfi I (Cairo)

Al-Mustakfi I

المستكفي بالله
3rd Caliph of Cairo
Tenure 20 January 1302 – February 1340
Predecessor Al-Hakim I
Successor al-Wathiq I
Born 23 March 1285

Cairo, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
Died February 1340

(aged 54)

Qus, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
Father Al-Hakim I
Religion Islam

Al-Mustakfi I (Arabic: المستكفي بالله‎) was the third Caliph of Cairo for the Mamluk Sultanate between 1302 and 1340.

In his reign opened the island of Arwad on the coast of the Levant opposite the city of Tartus (Tartous today), and saved from the hands of the Crusaders Gang, the last of their positions in the Levant. In the second half of the month of Sha'ban of the same year (702 AH) the princes began to arrive from Egypt, and the tatar groups began to flow towards the country. Bilad al-Sham, the army fled from Aleppo and Hama towards Damascus, and the Tatars arrived in Homs and Baalbek, and met Sheikh Islam Ibn Taymiyah with the soldiers of Hama fleeing in Qatifah. Al-Assaker came out of Damascus on 24 Shaban and camped in Al-Kaswa, in order to avoid the city of Damascus, the desolation and the assault on children and the disabled men and the women's captivity, and because the lawn was too much water at that time is not suitable for fighting. The armies came from Egypt and met with the people of Sham in the area of Al-Kaswa, and at the head of these armies the Caliph Al-Mustaqf and Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun. On the second Saturday of Ramadan, these armies met in Marj Al-Safar. He asked the people of Damascus to protect the walls and maintain security and cling to the citadel.

References [ edit ]

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Al-Mustakfi I
Born: 1285  Died: February 1340
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by

Al-Hakim I
Caliph of Cairo

20 January 1302 - February 1340
Succeeded by

Al-Wathiq I

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