Aleksandr Finn-Enotaevsky

Aleksandr Yule'vich Finn-Enotaevsky (1872, Kaunas – 1943) was a Soviet economist.

Finn-Enotaevsky was an active Bolshevik until 1915 when he decided to focus his attention on his career as an academic economist, becoming a professor in the subject. He was on friendly terms with Vladimir Groman and Nikolai Kondratiev.

He was one of the defendants at the 1931 Menshevik Trial. He received a sentence for ten years.[1][2]

He died in Karagandy Province and was rehabilitated in 1991.[3]

Publications [ edit ]

  • The current economy of Russia (1890 - 1910 years) St Petersburg: Semenova, (1911)
  • Present Situation of the World Economy, (1920)
  • Новые идеи в экономике (New ideas in economics), (1925)
  • Finansovy kapital i proizvoditelny, (1926)

References [ edit ]

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