Alliance for Brazil

Alliance for Brazil

Aliança pelo Brasil
Abbreviation APB
President Jair Bolsonaro
General Secretary Admar Gonzaga
President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro
Vice President Flávio Bolsonaro
Treasurer Karina Kufa[1]
Founded 12 November 2019 (2019-11-12)
Split from Social Liberal Party
Headquarters Brasília, DF, Brazil
Ideology Anti-communism [2]

Anti-globalism [2]

Brazilian nationalism [3]

Christian right [3]

Bolsonarism [4]

Social conservatism [5]

National conservatism [3]

Right-wing populism [6]

Religious conservatism [3]

Economic liberalism [7]
Political position Far-right [8] [9]
TSE Identification Number 38[10]

Alliance for Brazil (Portuguese: Aliança pelo Brasil, ALIANÇA) is a Brazilian political group that aims to become a political party. With nationalist conservative roots, it was announced by President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro on 12 November 2019, after stating his departure from the Social Liberal Party (PSL).[11][12][13]

After a meeting in Palácio do Planalto with PSL lawmakers, Bolsonaro notified them of his resignation from the party and discussed ways to create a new one, but the President still didn't formalize his de-affiliation from PSL at that time.[11][10] After the meeting, however, Bolsonaro published a message in his social media, stating that "today [12 November] I announced my resignation from PSL and beginning of creation of a new party: Alliance for Brazil", thanking "everyone who collaborated with me in PSL and who were partners in the 2018 elections".[13]

In the weeks before the announcement of the party creation, Bolsonaro had many misunderstandings with PSL president Luciano Bivar,[13] which triggered an internal crisis.[14] In October 2019, Bolsonaro stated to a supporter to "forget" the party, saying that Bivar was "doomed".[15]

According to Bolsonaro, the Alliance for Brazil is a "conservative party, that respects all religions, backs family values, supports the right to self-defense, the right to possess a firearm, free-trade with the whole world, without any ideological agenda."[10] The Brazilian media, however, has labeled Bolsonaro's new party as a far-right populist movement.[6]

Although the party is not officially contesting the 2020 Brazilian municipal elections,[16] the Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (PRTB), Republicanos, Patriota and the Liberal Party (PL) have expressed openness to having ALIANÇA candidates on their electoral slates.[17]

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