Arsacid dynasty of Caucasian Albania

Parent house Arsacid dynasty of Parthia
Country Caucasian Albania
Founded 300 (300)
Founder Vachagan I
Final ruler Vachagan III
Dissolution 510 (510)

The Arsacid dynasty was a dynasty of Parthian origin, which ruled the kingdom of Caucasian Albania from the 3rd to the 6th century. They were a branch of the Parthian Arsacid dynasty and together with the Arsacid rulers of the neighboring Armenia and Iberia formed a pan-Arsacid family federation.[1] Starting from Urnayr, the Arsacids repeatedly married into the family of the ruling Sasanian kings of Iran; Urnayr's mother was a Sasanian princess, and he was himself married to king Shapur II's daughter, with Aswagen most likely being their offspring; Vache II was the nephew of Yazdegerd II and son of an Albanian king, probably Aswagen; Vache II himself married the niece (or sister) of king Peroz I; and Vachagan III was the son (or nephew) of Yazdegerd II and brother (or nephew) of Vache II.[2] This has led the modern historian Murtazali Gadjiev to label the Arsacids of Albania as "Arsacid-Sasanian".[2] The Arsacids were succeeded by the Mihranid dynasty.[3]

Based on written sources, Gadjiev has deduced a list of Arsacid kings of Albania and their approximate reign.[4]

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