Jiapeng Liedao

Beijian Dao
1878 German map of San On County

Jiapeng Liedao (Chinese: 雞澎羣島 or 佳蓬列島), also known as Asses' Ears, the Kaipong Islands (derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese name) or Ky-poong, is a group of islands off the coast of Guangdong in China. They form a chain of rocks and islands extending 10 miles SE from Eyan Shi Dao (枙咽石岛, O-yen Shih) to Wenwei Zhou (蚊尾洲).[1] The islands are part of the Wanshan Archipelago.

Name [ edit ]

Beijian Dao (北尖岛), also called Kaipong, gave its name to the island group. Also, two peaks rising almost perpendicularly to a height of 300m on the southwestern end of the island, are known as Asses' Ears.[1] They also gave their name to the archipelago.

Islands [ edit ]

There are two major islands in the northeast and a group of minor islands in the southwest. One major island is Beijian Dao (北尖岛). The other island is Yunghoy or Yung-gai.[citation needed]

References [ edit ]

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Coordinates: 21°52′N114°00′E / 21.867°N 114.000°E / 21.867; 114.000

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