Battle of Rostam and Esfandiyār

Battle of Rostam and Esfadiyar
Battle of Rostam and Esfandiyār
Shahnameh Wars
Name of War Battle of Rostam and Esfandiyār
Battle location The outskirts of Zabol
The result of the battle The Blindness And Death Of Esfandiyār
Historical similarity The Astyages and Cyrus the Great Era.
Iranian Gladiators
Gladiators Esfandiyār, Peshotanu, Bahman
Zabolian Gladiators
Gladiators Rostam, Zavara, Faramarz,

Battle of Rostam and Esfandiyār (Persian: نبرد رستم و اسفندیار‎) is a story in Ferdowsi's Persian epic Shahnameh. It narrates a war between two Iranians governments. The difference with the other wars is that only the warlords are engaged in duels and the division is both observers. The reason for the war is Rostam disobedience to Esfandiyār father, Goshtāsp is the legal king of Iran.[1]

War Decree [ edit ]

When the Goshtāsp seized power in Iran, all countries were loyal except Zabol. On this occasion, Esfandiyar was commissioned to invade that country and capture Rostam the leader of the Zabolians.[2] Esfandiyar departed with a small number of troops and camped near a river near the city of Zabul. He then sent an Bahman to convey the message of the Shah of Iran to the leaders of Zabul. There was no profit in the chatter and the talks, and the duel between the two gladiators began.

This battle lasted for several days, sometimes Esfandiyar was victorious and sometimes Rostam was victorious but the outcome was not known; Rustam complained to Zāl of this difficult battle. Zāl took Simurgh help and Simurgh advised Rustam to win, but said the consequences of Esfandiyar murder would be severe.

What's going on at the Gestasp Palace [ edit ]

Esfandiyar was a senior commander for the Goshtaps strategic goals; he had previously won several major battles, but now had to kill the most powerful enemy of the Goshtaps and conquer he country. Esfandiyar had demanded a monarchy from his father, but Goshtasp's condition was to bring Rostam into captivity and bring it to the Iranian capital. Hearing the king's wishes, everyone was surprised, Esfandiyar's mother said it was a suicide. No one could fight Rostam, and the Shah must renounce his desire to conquer Zabol. Immediately after the king's ruling, Esfandiyar, along with his son Bahman and his adviser Pashootan, moved to the Zabol border and camped on the banks of the river, and then his Bahman were sent to Zabol with a message.

Battle [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ In fact, Goshtasp wanted to kill Rostam and add Zabol to his control.
  2. ^ Esfandiyar entered the battle as Prince of Persia and son of Goshtāsp but was killed.

Sources [ edit ]

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