Mihr-Mihroe's campaign of 554

Mihr-Mihroe's campaign of 554
Part of the Lazic War
Date 553 AD
Telephis and Ollaria, Lazica, Byzantine Empire
Result Sasanian victory
Sasanian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Large force

The assault on Telephis and Ollaria occurred in 553 during the Lazic War between the Sasanian Empire and the Byzantine Empire.

The primary source of this conflict is the Byzantine historian Agathias, who seems to have had access to the reports of the inquiry into the defeat.[1]

The Byzantines had just reinforced the region with a large force under the generals Martin, Bessas, and Bouzes, accompanied by Justin, son of Germanus, with Martin stationing at a frontier stronghold guarding a narrow pass at Telephis, and Bessas and Justin stationing at Ollaria, which was located nearby. The Sasanian general Mihr-Mihroe was already stationed nearby at Kutais. Knowing that he could not defeat the Byzantine force right away, he immediately used disinformation by rumoring about himself being critically ill, which led the Byzantine forces to relax their defenses. The following Sasanian assault caused a general retreat of the Byzantines at Telephis, and later Ollaria, westward as far as the stronghold at Nesos "island". Mihr-Mihroe was not able to follow up the victory due to supply problems and lack of siege equipment and retreated to Mocheresis, reinforcing his strategic garrison at Onoguris on his way, and died of illness shortly afterward.[2][3]

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