Bayuquan District


Location in Yingkou
Location in Yingkou
Bayuquan is located in Liaoning
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 40°15′49″N122°07′46″E / 40.26361°N 122.12944°E / 40.26361; 122.12944Coordinates: 40°15′49″N122°07′46″E / 40.26361°N 122.12944°E / 40.26361; 122.12944
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture-level city Yingkou
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Bayuquan District (simplified Chinese: 鲅鱼圈区; traditional Chinese: 鮁魚圈區; pinyin: Bàyúquān Qū) is a district of the city of Yingkou, Liaoning province, People's Republic of China. Located on the northeast coast of the Bohai Sea and in the northwest part of the Liaodong Peninsula, it is 46 kilometres (29 mi) south-southwest of Yingkou city centre. This small city is known for its seafood like fish and crabs which are shipped to all parts of the world. This District is also a tourism spot in the summer.

Bayuquan is also the site of a large sea port for bulk carriers and container ships, administered along with the port of Yingkou, the latter lying to the north of Bayuquan new port.[1][2]

Toponym [ edit ]

The literal translation of the toponym is "Japanese Spanish mackerel arc". The local fishermen began to fish here since the early Qing dynasty, as the coast shaped like an arc and the coastal waters are rich in Japanese Spanish mackerel ("bayu" in Chinese), thus, the area is named after "Bayuquan".[3]

Pollution [ edit ]

In the recent years, the city of Bayuquan was affected by an iron mining company called An Gang (鞍钢). Some parts of the city is covered by smog which is affecting the tourism.

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

There are four subdistricts and three towns within the district.[4]



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