Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island

For other places with the same name in Hong Kong, see Big Wave Bay (disambiguation).

Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island
Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island 1.jpg
Big Wave Bay Beach
Traditional Chinese 大浪灣
Simplified Chinese 大浪湾
Big Wave Bay Rock Carving

Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan (大浪灣) is a bay in the Southern District of Hong Kong.[1] It is located on the eastern coast of Hong Kong Island, south of Cape Collinson and north of Shek O. This bay should not be confused with the bay with the same name in Sai Kung.

Big Wave Bay has a beach popular among surfers.[2] It is also the site of a prehistoric rock carving, which is a declared monument.[3]

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Coordinates: 22°14′45″N114°14′51″E / 22.24583°N 114.24750°E / 22.24583; 114.24750

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