Bilabial ejective fricative

Bilabial ejective fricative
IPA Number 126 + 401
Entity (decimal) ɸ​ʼ
Unicode (hex) U+0278 U+02BC
X-SAMPA p\_>

The bilabial ejective fricative is a rare type of consonantal sound. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨ɸʼ⟩.

Features [ edit ]

Features of the bilabial ejective fricative:

Occurrence [ edit ]

Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Yuchi [1] [example needed]

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References [ edit ]

  1. ^ Crawford, James M. (1973). "Yuchi Phonology". International Journal of American Linguistics. 39 (3): 173–179. doi:10.1086/465261.

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