Black Hill, Hong Kong

Black Hill, Hong Kong
View from Black Hill's Summit .jpg
View of Victoria Harbour from Black Hill's summit
Highest point
Elevation 304 m (997 ft)
Coordinates 22°18′43.48″N114°14′44.36″E / 22.3120778°N 114.2456556°E / 22.3120778; 114.2456556
Black Hill, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Black Hill, Hong Kong
Black Hill, Hong Kong
Location of Black Hill in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Black Hill (Chinese: 五桂山) is a hill that lies between the communities of Lam Tin and Tiu Keng Leng, Hong Kong. It is named for former administrator Major General Wilsone Black, a British Army officer in the 19th century.

Geography [ edit ]

Left of middle are the three main peaks of Black Hill. Right of middle lies Chiu Keng Wan Shan. On the far right, Devil's Peak can be seen

Black Hill has several major peaks, and the tallest of which is 304m in height.[1] To the south lies another hill called Chiu Keng Wan Shan. Parts of Lam Tin South are built on the foot of Black Hill.

Access [ edit ]

Section 3 of the Wilson Trail runs through the top ridge of Black Hill.[2] It is possible to access the summit of Black Hill after walking for 10 minutes up from the top of Lam Tin Park, which is built at the foot of Black Hill. Besides the Wilson Trail, which goes to the top of the hill, there is an easier trail called "Lam Tin Morning Walk Trail" (藍田晨運徑) [3] which runs mid-level on the south east side of Black Hill, connecting the village of Ma Yau Tong with O King Road.

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Coordinates: 22°18′33″N114°14′39″E / 22.30917°N 114.24417°E / 22.30917; 114.24417

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