Bom Jardim, Maranhão

Bom Jardim
Location in Maranhão
Location in Maranhão
Bom Jardim is located in Brazil
Bom Jardim
Bom Jardim
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 3°32′35″S45°36′33″W / 3.54306°S 45.60917°W / -3.54306; -45.60917Coordinates: 3°32′35″S45°36′33″W / 3.54306°S 45.60917°W / -3.54306; -45.60917
Country   Brazil
Region Nordeste
State Maranhão
Mesoregion Oeste Maranhense
 • Total 34,474
Time zone UTC -3

Bom Jardim is a municipality in the state of Maranhão in the Northeast region of Brazil. The population is 34,474.[1] The former mayor of Bom Jardim, Lidiane Leite, was arrested for the embezzlement of US$ 4 million from the municipality.

The municipality contains a small part of the Baixada Maranhense Environmental Protection Area, a 1,775,035.6 hectares (4,386,208 acres) sustainable use conservation unit created in 1991 that has been a Ramsar Site since 2000.[2] The municipality also contains part of the 271,197 hectares (670,140 acres) Gurupi Biological Reserve, a full protected conservation unit created in 1988. Average annual rainfall is 2,169 millimetres (85.4 in). Temperatures range from 22 to 32 °C (72 to 90 °F) with an average of 27 °C (81 °F).[3]

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