Bonham Strand

Bonham Strand
HK SW Wing Lok Street 60430 Bonham Stand.jpg
Bonham Strand East
Chinese 文咸街
Bonham Strand West

Bonham Strand (Chinese: 文咸街) is a combination of two streets in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong: Bonham Strand (文咸東街) and Bonham Strand West (文咸西街).

As the name suggested, it was a strand and close to shore in the past though it is pretty far from the seafront after several reclamations over a hundred years. This street renders the early shore line after 1842.

The streets are named after Sir George Bonham, the third Governor of Hong Kong (1848–1854), who led the reconstruction effort of Sheung Wan after a fire destroyed part of it in 1851.[1]

Bonham Strand [ edit ]

Bonham Strand (文咸東街) starts from Queen's Road Central near Cosco Tower, with several junctions with Jervois Street, Mercer Street, Hillier Street, Clevery Street, Morris Street and Wing Lok Street, returns to another section of Queen's Road Central in Possession Point.

The street is comparatively low to the surrounding area and is easily flooded during heavy rains.

The street is sometimes mistakenly written as Bonham Strand East after its Chinese name. The directory board in MTR Sheung Wan Station is an illustration of the mistake. Coordinates: 22°17′07″N114°09′10″E / 22.28531°N 114.15278°E / 22.28531; 114.15278

Bonham Strand West [ edit ]

Bonham Strand West (文咸西街) starts from Bonham Strand and ends in Des Voeux Road West.

Bonham Strand West: 22°17′14″N114°08′54″E / 22.28721°N 114.14824°E / 22.28721; 114.14824

Ibis Hong Kong Sheung Wan will open at the junction between Bonham Strand West and Des Voeux Road West and provide 550 rooms.[2]

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