Book:Ordinance (Latter Day Saints)

Ordinance (Latter Day Saints)

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Ordinance (Latter Day Saints) [ edit ]

Main article
Ordinance (Latter Day Saints)
Exaltation (Mormonism)
List of ordinances
Baptism in Mormonism
Rebaptism (Mormonism)
Confirmation (Latter Day Saints)
Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Priesthood (Latter Day Saints)
Endowment (Latter Day Saints)
Endowment (Mormonism)
Sealing (Mormonism)
Washing and anointing
Celestial marriage
Law of adoption (Mormonism)
Second anointing
Baptism for the dead
Right hand of Christian fellowship
Hosanna shout
Naming and blessing of children
Patriarchal blessing
Prayer circle (Mormonism)
Priesthood blessing
Setting apart
Shaking the dust from the feet
Common consent (Latter Day Saints)
Solemn assembly
Sacrament (LDS Church)
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