Buhweju District

Buhweju District
District location in Uganda
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°18′S30°20′E / 0.300°S 30.333°E / -0.300; 30.333Coordinates: 00°18′S30°20′E / 0.300°S 30.333°E / -0.300; 30.333
Country   Uganda
Region Western Uganda
Capital Nsiika
 • Land 802 km2 (310 sq mi)
1,800 m (5,900 ft)
 (2014 Census)
 • Total 120,720
 • Density 163.6/km2 (424/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)

Buhweju District is a district in Western Uganda. It is one of the districts that constitute the Ankole sub-region. Its 'chief town', is Nsiika.[1]

Location [ edit ]

Buhweju District is bordered by Rubirizi District to the west and northwest, Ibanda District to the northeast, Mbarara District to the east, Sheema District to the southeast, and Bushenyi District to the southwest.[2] Nsiika, the location of the district headquarters, is approximately 53 kilometres (33 mi), by road, northwest of Mbarara, the largest city in Ankole sub-region.[3] This location is approximately 310 kilometres (190 mi), by road, southwest of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.[4] The coordinates of the district are:00°20'40.0"S, 30°25'00.0"E (Latitude:-0.344444; Longitude:30.416667).[5]

Overview [ edit ]

Buhweju District was carved out of Bushenyi District in July 2010. The district is part of Ankole sub-region, home to an estimated 2.56 million people in 2014, according to the national census conducted that year.[6] Districts that constitute Ankole sub-region include the following:

Population [ edit ]

The national census in 1991 estimated the district population at about 55,540. In 2002, the national census conducted that year put the population of the district at approximately 82,900. In August 2014, the national population census and housing survey enumerated the population in the district at 120,720.[7]

Natural resources [ edit ]

Buhweju District has proven reserves of gold,[8] lime and timber.[9]

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