Caina Township

Chinese transcription(s)
 • Chinese 才纳
 • Pinyin Cáinà
Caina is located in Tibet
Coordinates: 29°27′17″N90°57′25″E / 29.45472°N 90.95694°E / 29.45472; 90.95694Coordinates: 29°27′17″N90°57′25″E / 29.45472°N 90.95694°E / 29.45472; 90.95694
Country China
Region Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture Lhasa Prefecture
County Qüxü County
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Caina or Cainaxiang (Chinese: 才纳; Pinyin: Cáinà) is a township in Qüxü County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China.[1] Caina is located in the Lhasa River valley, 42 kilometres by road (about an hour's drive ) southwest of Lhasa.[2] The Caina Bridge was built over the Lhasa River in the early 1990s.[3]

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