Calabrese Montenuovo

Calabrese Montenuovo
Grape (Vitis)
Species Vitis vinifera
Origin Italy
Notable regions Calabria, Campania

Calabrese Montenuovo is an ancient variety of red wine grape from Italy. It was discovered in a vineyard in Campania and became famous when it was found to be one of the parents of Sangiovese.[1]

History [ edit ]

Little is known about Calabrese Montenuovo, but the link to Sangiovese has prompted considerable research. It is believed to have originated in Calabria, hence the name.

Wine regions [ edit ]

Calabrese Montenuovo was found in a vineyard in Campania, but similar grapes have since been found at several sites further south, in Calabria.

Viticulture [ edit ]

The grapes are red.

Synonyms [ edit ]

Calabrese di Montenuovo. It should not be confused with other grapes that bear the Calabrese name, such as Nero d'Avola.

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References [ edit ]

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Further reading [ edit ]

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