Cambridge Theological Federation

The Cambridge Theological Federation is an association of theological colleges, courses and houses based in Cambridge, England. The federation offers several joint theological programmes of study open to students in member institutions; these programmes are either validated by or are taught on behalf of two universities situated in Cambridge, the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University. It also offers courses as part the Common Award validated by Durham University.

Programmes [ edit ]

Undergraduate[1] [ edit ]

  • BTh: Bachelor of Theology degree (University of Cambridge)
  • DTM: Diploma in Theology for Ministry (University of Cambridge)
  • CertTMM: Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Common Award)
  • BA(Hons) in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Common Award)
  • Graduate Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Common Award)

Postgraduate[2] [ edit ]

Members[3] [ edit ]

Member Institutions

Associate Members

References [ edit ]

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