Castle Peak, Hong Kong

Castle Peak, Hong Kong
Castle Peak.jpg
View of Castle Peak
Highest point
Elevation 583 m (1,913 ft)
Coordinates 22°23′18.35″N113°57′11.63″E / 22.3884306°N 113.9532306°E / 22.3884306; 113.9532306
Castle Peak, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Castle Peak, Hong Kong
Castle Peak, Hong Kong
Location of Castle Peak in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Castle Peak (Chinese: 青山, sometimes transcribed Tsing Shan)[1] or Pui To Shan (杯渡山) is a 583 m high peak in the western New Territories of Hong Kong.

In contrast to its Chinese name, which means green hill, Castle Peak is notorious for its severe loss of vegetation and weathering of its granite surface.[2]

The area to the west of the hill was also named Castle Peak. It is an industrial area with several power plants owned by CLP (Castle Peak Power Station and Black Point Power Station). It is also the old name of Tuen Mun during early British rule before starting development of Tuen Mun New Town. In early proposal of the development, the new town was named Castle Peak New Town.

Most areas of the hill is a designated firing range used by the military and police forces in Hong Kong. Warnings are issued to public before exercises are carried out. It is therefore among the few hills in Hong Kong which are not part of a Country Park.

History [ edit ]

The name Pui To Shan was associated with a Buddhist monk Pui To Sim Shi (杯渡禪師). In Cantonese, Pui means "cup", To means "water-crossing", Sim Shi means "Monk of Zen". Legend has it that the monk had travelled over water in a cup and finally reached the Castle Peak. He established a monastery on the hill, which became the present-day Tsing Shan Monastery.[3]

Early records have indicated that the peak was an island once named Tuen Mun Island (屯門島). Its former channel with Kau Keng Shan of an important sea route in South China. Defence structures were built on both hills.

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Coordinates: 22°23′N113°57′E / 22.383°N 113.950°E / 22.383; 113.950

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