Catch a Fire Tour

Catch a Fire Tour 1973
Tour by The Wailers
Start date 27 April 1973
End date 21 July 1973
Legs 2
No. of shows 28 in England

9 in the United States

37 in total
The Wailers concert chronology

The Catch a Fire was a concert tour organised to support the album Catch a Fire by The Wailers (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer).

The tour began at the Coleman Club in Nottingham, England, on 27 April 1973, as the first show in Peckham had been cancelled before, and ended with four shows at Max's Kansas City in New York City, in late July. In October they performed as an opening act for the Atlee Yeager Band and Sly and the Family Stone (who served as the headliners), in a figure skating hall in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The majority of the audience thought The Wailers, an American rock band, would perform, but they were surprised seeing a Jamaican band; Mark Paul, the drummer of the Atlee Yeager Band said that they looked like biblical figures from the Old Testament.[citation needed] [1] Bunny Wailer refused to participate in the second tour leg in the United States and was replaced by Joe Higgs.

Setlist [ edit ]

Unlike on later tours and although very little is publicly known yet about the concert setlist of the Catch a Fire Tour, the setlist greatly varied on almost every show. What can be said from the known recordings is that:

  • all songs from the album had been performed at least once, except for "Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)"
  • all shows included one or two songs by Peter Tosh (mostly "Stop That Train", sometimes also "400 Years")
  • songs like "Rastaman Chant", "Slave Driver", "Burnin' And Lootin'" or "Lively Up Yourself" were rather played in the first part of the set when performed.
  • songs like "Get Up, Stand Up", "Kinky Reggae" and "Concrete Jungle" were rather played towards the end of the set when performed.
  • most shows featured also some songs prior to 1973 ("Rude Boy", "Lively Up Yourself", "Put It On", "Bend Down Low", "Don't Rock My Boat") and one song from the following album Burnin' ("Get Up, Stand Up").

Tour dates [ edit ]

Date City Country Venue
April 1973 Peckham United Kingdom Admiral Ken's Bouncing Ball Club cancelled
27 April 1973 Nottingham Coleman Club
28 April 1973 Lancaster Lancaster University
29 April 1973 Peckham Mr. B's
1 May 1973 London The Old Grey Whistle Test

BBC TV music show
Top Gear

BBC radio program
2 May 1973 Hatfield Hatfield Polytechnic
4 May 1973 Heslington University of York
5 May 1973 Manchester Manchester University
6 May 1973 Wolverhampton 67 Club
8 May 1973 Colchester Essex University
9 May 1973 Bristol Boobs
11 May 1973 Stafford North Staffs Polytechnic

with Roy Wood's Wizzard
12 May 1973 Teesside Middleton St George College
13 May 1973 Peckham Mr. B's
15 May 1973 London The Speakeasy Club
16 May 1973
17 May 1973
18 May 1973
19 May 1973 Hitchin Town Hall
20 May 1973 Hammersmith Greyhound Pub
22 May 1973 Northampton Fantasia
23 May 1973 London The Playhouse Theatre, London
23 May 1973 Leicester Leicester Polytechnic
24 May 1973 London Paris Theatre

BBC radio show
25 May 1973 Exmouth Rolle College
26 May 1973 Bristol Bamboo Club
27 May 1973 Hitchin Sundown
28 May 1973 Birmingham Birmingham Top Rank
29 May 1973 Southampton Coach House
11 July 1973 Boston United States Paul's Mall
12 July 1973
13 July 1973
14 July 1973
15 July 1973
18 July 1973 New York City Max's Kansas City

Opening act for Bruce Springsteen
19 July 1973
20 July 1973
21 July 1973

Notes [ edit ]

  1. ^ White 1983, p, 251

References [ edit ]

  • White, Timothy. Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1983. 51. Print.
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