Cheikh Bouamama

Cheikh Bouamama
Born 1833

Figuig, Morocco
Died October 17, 1908(1908-10-17) (aged 74–75)

Known for Leader of the tribe Awlad Sidi Shaykh

Cheikh Bouamama or Shaykh Bu 'Amamah (Arabic: الشيخ بوعمامة‎) led a popular resistance against French occupation in Algeria from 1881 to 1908.[1]

Cheikh Bouamama was a leader of the tribe Awlad Sidi Shaykh.[2] The resistance that he led in the southwest of Algeria and southeast of Morocco from 1881 to 1908 fell apart due to disagreements among the tribes.[3] When Cheikh Bouamama retreated to Morocco in 1882 the French conquest of the south of Algeria was complete.[2]

The Algerian filmmaker Benamar Bakhti made the 1983 film L'Épopée de Cheikh Bouamama ("The Epic of Cheikh Bouamama").[4]

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