Chile–Holy See relations

Chile-Holy See relations
Map indicating locations of Chile and Holy See


Holy See

Chile-Holy See relations is the official relationship between Chile and the Vatican. The relationship is deemed to be very good and strong, as Chile is a majority Catholic country. The Vatican has an Apostolic nunciature in Santiago and Chile has an embassy in Rome.

History and current state relations [ edit ]

With its background as a Christian country, Chile has an easier relationship with the Vatican. The two states established relations since 1940s and the Vatican still holds significant influence among Chileans.[1]

Since the 21st century, Chile and the Holy See have increased their relations in religious cooperation, described as "excellent" by both Chile and the Holy See delegations.[2]

Recently, the Holy See has played a role on urging Chilean authorities to investigate Chilean archbishops accused for nun and human abuses.[3]

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