Chile–Kenya relations

Chile–Kenya relations
Map indicating locations of Chile and Kenya



Chilean–Kenyan relations are bilateral relations between Chile and Kenya. Both nations established diplomatic relations in 1975.[1]

Development cooperation [ edit ]

Chile and Kenya have a partnership on sports development which began in September 2013. This will see Kenyan athletes train with Chilean ones and technology transfer from Chile on stadia development.[2]

Both nations have also signed numerous other MOUs, agreements and negotiations for:

  • Agreement of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Chile and Kenya, 1991.[3]
  • The MOU between Chile and Kenya on modernisation of the Kenya Revenue Authority, on November 13 of 2007.[3]
  • The Africa and Middle East director of the Chilean Foreign Ministry visited Kenya and a Joint Cooperation Commission between Chile and Kenya came into being.[3]
  • Cooperation from Chile to train Kenyan diplomats in its foreign service institute.[4]
  • Cooperation from Chile to train Kenyan navy recruits at the TS Esmeralda instruction cruise.[4]
  • Visa Exemption for Diplomatic and Official Passports.[3]

Trade [ edit ]

Trade between Chile and Kenya[5] (in millions US$ )

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Exports from Chile 4 3 3 2.6 2.5
Exports from Kenya 1 1 1 1.9 1.5
Total trade 5 4 4 4.5 4

The most valuable Kenyan export products to Chile are black tea and pineapples. The most valuable Chilean export product is lilium bulbs.[5]

Resident diplomatic missions [ edit ]

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