China National Highway 111

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National Highway 111
Route information
Length 2,123 km (1,319 mi)
Major junctions
From Beijing
To Mohe, Heilongjiang
Highway system
China National Highways

G110 G112

China National Highway 111 runs from Beijing to Mohe of Heilongjiang province.

It leaves Beijing heading north-east. In November 2019, an expansion to the northernmost town in China, Mohe (Walagan), was completed.[1]

Route and distance [ edit ]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Beijing, Beijing 0
Huairou, Beijing 49
Fengning, Hebei 192
Weichang, Hebei 382
Wangfu, Inner Mongolia 469
Chifeng, Inner Mongolia 525
Aohan Banner, Inner Mongolia 635
Naiman Banner, Inner Mongolia 748
Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 921
Horqin Right Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia 1161
Tuquan, Inner Mongolia 1202
Ulan Hot, Inner Mongolia 1316
Jalaid Banner, Inner Mongolia 1431
Zhalantun, Inner Mongolia 1623
Arun Banner, Inner Mongolia 1692
Morin Dawa Banner, Inner Mongolia 1835
Jiagedaqi, Heilongjiang 2123
Tahe, Heilongjiang
Mohe, Heilongjiang

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References [ edit ]

  1. ^ "New highway linking Beijing with China's northernmost city fully opens to traffic". New China TV. 30 Nov 2019.
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