China National Highway 209

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National Highway 209
Route information
Length 3,435 km (2,134 mi)
Major junctions
From Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
To Beihai, Guangxi
Highway system
China National Highways

G208 G210
Highway 209 climbing from the Liangtai River valley (Gaoqiao town) toward Wanchaoshan Mt (Wujiaping), in Xingshan County, Hubei

China National Highway 209 (G209) runs from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia to Beihai, Guangxi province. It is 3,435 kilometres in length and runs south from Huhhot towards Shanxi province, Henan province, Hubei province, Hunan province, and ends in Guangxi province.

Despite the "National Highway" designation, G209 is not of uniform quality throughout its length.[1] For example, as of 2009, the 20-kilometer section north of Badong is nothing but a very poor dirt road. Nonetheless, even that section is of importance for the national highway system: it is used e.g. by long-distance buses plying the route between Badong and points east. Many parts of the Muyu to Hongping section (in Hubei's Shennongjia Forestry District) are not much better. On the other hand, the section from the Shennongjia National Park entry to Muyu to Baishahe Village (in Nanyang Town, Xingshan County) is part of a recently upgraded Yichang-Shennongjia Highway.

Route and distance [ edit ]

Near Wenshui village (Hongping Town, Shennongjia)
Junction with a Hubei provincial highway in Baishahe Village, Nanyang Town, Xingshan County, Hubei. For the next 52 km to the north (to Muyu) G209 will follow the Xiangping River, doubling as part of the Yichang-Shennongjia Highway; for the 72 km to the southwest, it will be crossing two mountain ranges to get to Badong
A not-yet-improved section of G209 just north of Badong
Crossing the Yangtze on the Badong Bridge
Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Huhhot, Inner Mongolia 0
Horinger, Inner Mongolia 57
Qingshuihe, Inner Mongolia 136
Pianguan, Shanxi 231
Wuzhai, Shanxi 312
Kelan, Shanxi 351
Lanxian, Shanxi 419
Fangshan, Shanxi 485
Lishi, Shanxi 531
Zhongyang, Shanxi 558
Jiaokou, Shanxi 605
Xixian, Shanxi 652
Daning, Shanxi 692
Jixian, Shanxi 744
Xiangning, Shanxi 774
Hejin, Shanxi 836
Linyi County, Shanxi 891
Yuncheng, Shanxi 911
Pinglu, Shanxi 960
Sanmenxia, Henan 968
Lingbao, Henan 1028
Lushi, Henan 1109
Xixia, Henan 1230
Xixian, Henan 1304
Yunxian, Hubei 1366
Shiyan, Hubei 1398
Fangxian, Hubei 1501
Muyu, Hubei
Nanyang Town, Hubei
Badong, Hubei 1775
Jianshi, Hubei 1923
Enshi, Hubei 1978
Xuan'en, Hubei 2068
Laifeng, Hubei 2158
Longshan, Hunan 2167
Yongshun, Hunan 2224
Baojing, Hunan 2281
Huayuan, Hunan 2307
Jishou, Hunan 2377
Fenghuang, Hunan 2431
Mayang, Hunan 2466
Huaihua, Hunan 2525
Zhongfang, Hunan 2544
Hongjiang, Hunan 2575
Huitong, Hunan 2627
Jingzhou, Hunan 2667
Tongdao, Hunan 2748
Sanjiang, Guangxi 2826
Rong'an, Guangxi 2909
Liuzhou, Guangxi 3028
Wuxuan, Guangxi 3123
Lingshan, Guangxi 3286
Hepu, Guangxi 3407
Beihai, Guangxi 3435

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  1. ^ See e.g. the characterization of the China National Highway 318 and China National Highway 209 as "unstable and unsafe" in: Yichang-Wanzhou Railway (SEIA) Archived 2009-08-07 at the Wayback Machine (Asian Development Bank, June 2003), p.6

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