Public housing estates in Ngau Tau Kok and Kowloon Bay

The following shows the public housing estates (including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Tenants Purchase Scheme TPS)) in Ngau Tau Kok, Jordan Valley and Kowloon Bay of Kwun Tong District, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Overview [ edit ]

Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Choi Ha Estate 彩霞邨 TPS 1989 3 790
Chun Wah Court 振華苑 HOS 1990 1 232
Kai Tai Court 啟泰苑 HOS 1983 4 624
Kai Yip Estate 啟業邨 Public 1981 6 4,300
Lok Nga Court 樂雅苑 HOS 1984 6 1,331
Lok Wah (North) Estate 樂華(北)邨 Public 1985 8 2,972
Lok Wah (South) Estate 樂華(南)邨 Public 1982 6 6,998
Lower Ngau Tau Kok (II) Estate 牛頭角下(二)邨 Public 1967 7 5,406
On Kay Court 安基苑 HOS 1982 4 920
Richland Gardens 麗晶花園 PSPS 1985 22 5,904
Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate 牛頭角上邨 Public 2003 9 6,684
Kwun Tong Garden Estate/Lotus Tower 觀塘花園大廈/玉蓮臺 Public 1965/1987 9 4,926 HK Housing Society

Choi Ha Estate [ edit ]

Choi Ha Estate

Choi Ha Estate (Chinese: 彩霞邨) is a public estate and TPS estate in the hillside of Jordan Valley near Amoy Gardens.[1] It consists of 3 blocks built in 1989. Some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 3 in 2000.[2][3] Its name comes from nearby Choi Ha Road.[4]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[5] Type Completion
Choi Sing House Trident 3 1989
Choi Yat House Trident 4
Choi Yuet House

Chun Wah Court [ edit ]

Chun Wah Court (Chinese: 振華苑) is a HOS court in Ngau Tau Kok, near On Kay Court.[6] Formerly a site of an administration building of the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the court consists of 1 block built in 1990.

House [ edit ]

Name[7] Type Completion
Chun Wah Court Flexi 3 1990

Kai Tai Court [ edit ]

Kai Tai Court (Chinese: 啟泰苑) is a HOS court in Kowloon Bay,[8] next to Kai Yip Estate.[1] It has totally 4 blocks built in 1983.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[9] Type Completion
Kai Pong House Old-Cruciform 1983
Kai On House
Kai Hong House
Kai Fan House

Kai Yip Estate [ edit ]

The road in the middle is Kwun Tong Road. On the left hand side is the base of the RAF Kai Tak at that time, where Kai Yip Estate is located now.
Kai Yip Estate

Kai Yip Estate (Chinese: 啟業邨) is a public estate in Kowloon Bay, next to Richland Gardens.[1]

Background [ edit ]

The site of Kai Yip Estate was the basement of the Royal Air Force,[10] in which the land was obtained from land reclamation of Kowloon Bay. In 1927, the basement started operations at the south of Nga Tsin Wai Tsuen, and the current sites of Richland Gardens and Kwun Tong Bypass. In 1981, the basement was relocated and Kai Yip Estate was built at part of the site. For the estate name, "Kai" means Kai Tak and "Yip" means "prospect" in Chinese.[11][12]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[13] Type Completion
Kai Cheung House Triple I 1981
Kai Ning House
Kai Shing House
Kai Yin House Old Slab
Kai Lok House
Kai Yue House

Lok Wah Estate / Lok Nga Court [ edit ]

Lok Wah Estate

Lok Wah Estate (Chinese: 樂華邨; pinyin: Lèhuácūn; Jyutping: lok6 waa4 cyun1) is a public housing estate located in Dragon Hill, located on Chun Wah Road, northwest of Kwun Tong Town Central. It is divided into Lok Wah South Estate (樂華南邨) and Lok Wah North Estate (樂華北邨), together with 14 blocks of residential buildings.

Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate [ edit ]

Lower Ngau Tau Kok (II) Estate in 2008

Lower Ngau Tau Kok (II) Estate (Chinese: 牛頭角下邨(二區) or 牛頭角下(二)邨) is a 7-block public estate in Ngau Tau Kok, located opposite to the MTR Kowloon Bay Station. It was demolition from 2009 to 2012. The estate, along with the now demolished Lower Ngau Tau Kok (I) Estate, forms the Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate.

On Kay Court [ edit ]

On Kay Court

On Kay Court (Chinese: 安基苑) is a HOS court in Ngau Tau Kok,[14] near Chun Wah Court. It was developed into 2 phases in 1982 and 1984 respectively, and it consists of 4 blocks of 29–30 storeys.[15]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[16] Type Completion
Kay Yan House Flexi 1 1982
Kay Shun House
Kay Hong House 1984
Kay Yue House

Richland Gardens [ edit ]

Richland Gardens

Richland Gardens (Chinese: 麗晶花園) is a HOS and Private Sector Participation Scheme in Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, near Kai Yip Estate. It was jointly developed by Hong Kong Housing Authority and Shui On. It consists of 22 residential blocks and a shopping centre completed in 1985.[17][18][19]

Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate [ edit ]

Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate Phase 1
Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate Phase 2 and 3

Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate (Chinese: 牛頭角上邨) is a public estate in Ngau Tau Kok,[20] next to Kwun Tong Garden Estate and between MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station and Kowloon Bay Station. After redevelopment, the estate has 9 blocks developed into 3 phases.

Kwun Tong Garden Estate and Lotus Tower [ edit ]

Hung Cheuk Lau and Wah Mei Lau, Kwun Tong Garden Estate
Lotus Tower

Kwun Tong Garden Estate (Chinese: 觀塘花園大廈), or Garden Estate (Chinese: 花園大廈), is a public estate in Ngau Tau Kok Road, Ngau Tau Kok, developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society,[21] near MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station.[22] It is the first public housing estate in Kwun Tong District.[23] It comprises 5 blocks built in 1965 and 1967 respectively.[24]

Lotus Tower (Chinese: 玉蓮臺) is a public housing estate near Kwun Tong Garden Estate,[22] which was redeveloped from old Kwun Tong Garden Estate blocks.

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