Chongming line

Chongming line
Type Rapid transit
Status Planned
Locale Shanghai, China
Termini Jinji Road

Stations 8
Rolling stock 6-car Type A[1]
Line length 42.8 km
Operating speed 120 km/h[1]

The Chongming line (Chinese: 崇明线; pinyin: Chóngmíng xiàn) is a line on the Shanghai Metro that is part of the 2018-2023 Shanghai Metro plan.[2] The Chongming line was previously treated as the last phase of Line 9, and was Line 19 until 2016, when it was renamed the Chongming line.

The Chongming line starts at Jinji Road in Pudong and ends at Yu'an in Chongming District.[3] The Chongming line will interchange with Lines 9 and 12.[3] The line is 42.8 km in length, including 40.7 km underground section.

Planned stations [ edit ]

Station name according to the April 2019 version.[3]

Station name Connections Distance

English Chinese
Jinji Road 金吉路  9 
Shenjiang Road 申江路  12 
Gaobao Road 高宝路
North Lingkong Road 凌空北路
Changxing Island 长兴岛
Chenjia Town 陈家镇
Dongtan 东滩
Yu'an 裕安

References [ edit ]

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