Christian Democratic Party (Brazil)

Christian Democratic Party

Partido Democrata Cristão
Abbreviation PDC
Founded 1945
Dissolved 1993
Merged into Reform Progressive Party
Ideology Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
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The Christian Democratic Party (Portuguese: Partido Democrata Cristão, PDC) was a political party in Brazil founded in 1945. The PDC, a small party supporting traditional Christian values, never achieved electoral success and was banned by the military government in 1965.

The party was re-created following the fall of the military in 1985, and subsequently merged with other parties, including the Democratic Social Party,[1] to form the right-wing Brazilian Progressive Party (PPB) in 1993.

The current president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro was a member of the party from 1988 to the merging with Democratic Social Party.

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