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Ciempozuelos (Spanish pronunciation: [θjempoˈθwelos]) is a town and municipality in Spain. It is located in the south of the Community of Madrid in central Spain. It had a population of 17,769 in 2005 [1]

Its origins appear to be Moorish and the name refers to the number of wells that existed in the town. It is clearly not as well known as its neighbours Chinchón and Aranjuez. However, it was the birthplace of Ventura Rodríguez the architect.

It was also known for having a large mental institution. More recently it has been the subject of many news reports due to corruption scandals involving councillors and the construction industry. Some of its historic houses - some of which are linked to small caves - are being replaced with new buildings. The town is mainly agricultural, serving the lands next to the Jarama valley.

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Coordinates: 40°09′33″N3°37′06″W / 40.15917°N 3.61833°W / 40.15917; -3.61833

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