Civil Engineering and Development Department

Civil Engineering and Development Department
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Agency overview
Headquarters Civil Engineering and Development Building, 101 Princess Margaret Road, Kowloon
Agency executive
  • Mr. Daniel Chung Kum-wah, Director of Civil Engineering and Development
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Chinese 土木工程拓展署
Politics and government

of Hong Kong
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The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) is a department of the Hong Kong government that reports to the Development Bureau. Its duties are primarily the detailed planning and construction of infrastructure to be operated by other departments.

Organisation [ edit ]

The department is structured primarily geographically, in support of its on-the-ground operations, together with two support functions:[1]

  • Hong Kong Island and Islands Development Office
  • Kowloon Development Office
  • New Territories East Development Office
  • New Territories North and West Development Office
  • Civil Engineering Office
  • Geotechnical Engineering Office
  • Headquarters

Divisions [ edit ]

Slope Safety [ edit ]

Hong Kong Slope Safety is a division within the CEDD that is responsible for Hong Kong's strategy on dealing with the safety of slopes, and making them look more natural [1]. The government have committed to landscape every existing slope upgraded under the Landslip Preventive Measures (LPM) Programme and every newly formed Government slope.

Mines and Quarries Division [ edit ]

History [ edit ]

The department was formed in 2004 through a merger of the Civil Engineering Department and the Territory Development Department (TDD). The TTD was, in turn, formed in 1986 through a merger of the New Territories Development Department and the Urban Area Development Office.[2] The CEDD formerly came under the (former) Environment, Transport and Works Bureau.

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References [ edit ]

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