Conservatism in Serbia

This article gives an overview of conservatism in Serbia. It is limited to conservative parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign ⇒ means a reference to another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it is not necessary so that parties labeled themselves as a conservative party.

Introduction [ edit ]

Conservatism has been a major force in Serbia since the 19th century.

Timeline [ edit ]

From Constitutionalists to Progressives [ edit ]

People's Radical Party [ edit ]

The People's Radical Party (Narodna radikalna stranka) was founded in 1881 as a radical party but from 1919 it evolved into a conservative direction

  • 1935: A wing seceded as the ⇒ Yugoslav Radical Union
  • 1945: The party is banned

Yugoslav Radical Union [ edit ]

  • 1935: A wing seceded from the ⇒ People's Radical Party and constituted the Yugoslav Radical Union (Jugoslovenska radikalna zajednica)
  • 1941: The party ceased to exist

Serbian Renewal Movement [ edit ]

Democratic Party of Serbia [ edit ]

  • 1992: A wing seceded from the Democratic Party and constituted the Democratic Party of Serbia (Demokratska stranka Srbije)
  • 1997: A faction seceded as the Democratic Christian Party of Serbia ( Demohrišćanska stranka Srbije )
  • 2004: The ⇒ People’s Democratic Party merged into the Democratic Party of Serbia

New Serbia [ edit ]

  • 1997: A wing seceded from the Serbian Renewal Movement and founded the New Serbia (Nova Srbija)

Movement for Democratic Serbia [ edit ]

People’s Democratic Party [ edit ]

  • 2001: A faction seceded from the Movement for Democratic Serbia and formed the People’s Democratic Party (Narodna demokratska stranka)
  • 2004: The party merged into the ⇒ Democratic Party of Serbia

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Conservative leaders [ edit ]

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