D'Aguilar Peak

D'Aguilar Peak
View of Cape D'Aguilar Peak from Shek O Peak's summit
Highest point
Elevation 325 m (1,066 ft)
Coordinates 22°12′16″N114°15′22″E / 22.20444°N 114.25611°E / 22.20444; 114.25611
D'Aguilar Peak is located in Hong Kong
D'Aguilar Peak
D'Aguilar Peak
Location of D'Aguilar Peak in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

D'Aguilar Peak (Chinese: 鶴咀山) is a hill in southwestern Hong Kong.[1][2] D'Aguilar Peak is clearly visible from the Dragon's Back trail, although the trail doesn't traverse its summit. It is named after Major-General Sir George Charles D'Aguilar.

View of D'Aguilar Peak (top left) from Cape D'Aguilar

Geography [ edit ]

Summit of D'Aguilar Peak to the right

D'Aguilar Peak is 325m in height.[3] To the north lies another hill called Shek O Peak.

Access [ edit ]

It is possible to access the summit of D'Aguilar Peak after hiking for about 30 minutes from Cape D'Aguilar Road. There is also a trail from Shek O Beach that leads to the summit.

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