Dadong District


Dadong is located in Liaoning
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 41°51′43″N123°30′36″E / 41.8620°N 123.5099°E / 41.8620; 123.5099Coordinates: 41°51′43″N123°30′36″E / 41.8620°N 123.5099°E / 41.8620; 123.5099[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Sub-provincial city Shenyang
 • Total 100 km2 (40 sq mi)
 • Total 782,867
 • Density 7,800/km2 (20,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s) 024
Shenyang district map

Dadong District (Chinese: 大东区; pinyin: Dàdōng Qū) is one of ten districts of the prefecture-level city of Shenyang, the capital of the Chinese province of Liaoning. It borders Shenbei New Area to the north, Dongling to the east, Shenhe to the south, and Huanggu to the west.

Dadong District
Simplified Chinese 大东区
Traditional Chinese 大東區
Literal meaning Great East

Toponymy [ edit ]

Its name derives from the fact that the district started off as the residential area immediately outside the old inner city wall's Fujin Gate (撫近門), which is also called Great East Gate (大東門).

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Dadong District has fifteen subdistricts:[3]

Transport [ edit ]

The oldest airfield in Shenyang, the now-defunct East Pagoda Airport, is located in Dadong District. It was the headquarters of the defunct China Northern Airlines.[4]

Tourist attractions [ edit ]

The district contains popular tourist landmarks such as the 9.18 Historical Museum, the North and East Pagodas, Bawang Temple and the Wanquan Park.

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