Daxing'anling Prefecture

Daxing'anling Prefecture

Jiagedaqi the urban center of Daxing'anling
Jiagedaqi the urban center of Daxing'anling
Location of Daxing'anling (yellow) in Heilongjiang (light grey);
Location of Daxing'anling (yellow) in Heilongjiang (light grey);
Coordinates: 52°30′N123°54′E / 52.500°N 123.900°E / 52.500; 123.900Coordinates: 52°30′N123°54′E / 52.500°N 123.900°E / 52.500; 123.900
Country People's Republic of China
Province Heilongjiang
County-level divisions 4 administrative zones

1 county-level city

2 counties
Township-level divisions 6 subdistricts

24 towns

11 townships

2 ethnic townships
Village-level divisions 41 residential communities

80 villages
 • Total 46,755 km2 (18,052 sq mi)
 • Total 520,000
 • Density 11/km2 (29/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s) 0457
ISO 3166 code CN-HL-27
Daxing'anling Prefecture
大興安嶺 name.png
"Daxing'anling", as written in Chinese calligraphy
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 大兴安岭地区
Traditional Chinese 大興安嶺地區
Manchu name
Manchu script ᠠᠮᠪᠠ ᡥᡳᠨ᠋ᡤᡤᠠᠨ ᠵᡠᡨ᠊ᡠᠨ ᡳ ᠪᠠ
Romanization Abma'hingan'dabagan i'ba
Russian name
Russian Округ Да-Хинган-Лин

Daxing'anling Prefecture (Chinese: 大兴安岭地区; pinyin: Dàxīng'ānlǐng Dìqū), also known as Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture, is the northernmost Chinese prefecture-level division, located in Heilongjiang Province. Its area is 46,755 square kilometres (18,052 sq mi) and has a population of 520,000, as of 2004. It is named after the Greater Khingan Range (Daxing'anling; ᠠᠮᠪᠠ᠋ ᡥᡳᠨ᠋ᡤᡤᠠᠨ ᠵᡠᡨ᠊ᡠᠨ; Amba Hinggan Dabagan) Mountains. In 2007 it had a GDP of RMB 6.1 billion and a growth rate of 11.1%. In 2015 Daxing'anling Prefecture had a GDP of RMB 13.49 billion, while a GDP of RMB 15.39 billion in the year 2014.[1]

Administrative divisions [ edit ]

Daxing'anling Prefecture administrates 1 county-level city, 2 counties, and 4 administration zones. These counties and management districts contain 6 urban subdistricts, 24 towns, 11 townships, 2 ethnic townships, 41 residential communities, and 80 villages.

Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010 Census) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
Mohe city 漠河市 Mòhé Shì 83,414 18,367 4.5
Tahe County 塔河县 Tǎhé Xiàn 92,473 14,103 6.6
Huma County 呼玛县 Hūmǎ Xiàn 51,861 14,300 3.6
Administrative Zones
Huzhong Administrative Zone* 呼中行政区 Hūzhōng Xíngzhèngqū 45,039 9,400 4.8
Xinlin Administrative Zone* 新林行政区 Xīnlín Xíngzhèngqū 50,859 8,700 5.8
Songling Administrative Zone* 松岭行政区 Sōnglǐng Xíngzhèngqū 33,555 16,800 2.0
Jiagedaqi Administrative Zone* 加格达奇行政区 Jiāgédáqí Xíngzhèngqū 154,363 1,587 97
*All administrative zones are management areas; not administrative divisions registered under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Forestry divisions [ edit ]

Administrate by the State Forestry Administration's Heilongjiang Daxing'anling Forestry Group Corporation (Chinese: 黑龙江省大兴安岭林业集团公司) with 10 Forestry Bureaux and 61 Woodlands.

Name Hanzi Residence Woodlands
Songlin Forestry Bureau 松岭林业局 Xiaoyangqi Town, Songling 5
Xinlin Forestry Bureau 新林林业局 Xinlin Town, Xinlin 8
Tahe Forestry Bureau 塔河林业局 Tahe Town, Tahe 6
Huzhong Forestry Bureau 呼中林业局 Huzhong Town, Huzhong 6
Amur Forestry Bureau 阿木尔林业局 Jitao Town, Mohe 6
Tuqiang Forestry Bureau 图强林业局 Tuqiang Town, Mohe 7
Xilinji Forestry Bureau 西林吉林业局 Xilinji Town, Mohe 5
Shibazhan Forestry Bureau 十八站林业局 Shibazhan Township, Tahe 6
Hanjiayuan Forestry Bureau 韩家园林业局 Hanjiayuan Town, Huma 1
Jiagedaqi Forestry Bureau 加格达奇林业局 Jiagedaqi District 10

Administrate by Daxing'anling Prefecture Administrative Operation Forestry Bureau (Chinese: 大兴安岭地区行政公署营林局) with 3 County-level Forestry Bureaux and 6 Woodlands.

Name Hanzi Residence Woodlands
Huma Forestry Bureau 呼玛县林业局 Huma Town, Huma 4
Tahe Forestry Bureau 塔河县林业局 Tahe Town, Tahe 1
Mohe Forestry Bureau 漠河市林业局 Xilinji Town, Mohe 1

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ 2015年黑龙江各市GDP和人均GDP排名 (in Chinese).

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