Dong River (China)

Dong River
Dongjiang River01.JPG
Dong River in Heyuan
Traditional Chinese 東江
Simplified Chinese 东江
Postal East River
Literal meaning East River
The Pearl River system. Dong River is the easternmost tributary shown on the map.

The Dong River is the eastern tributary of the Pearl River in Guangdong province, southern China. The other two main tributaries of Pearl River are Xi River and Bei River. The headwater is located in Mount Sanbai (三百山) in Anyuan County, Jiangxi.

The Dong River is a major source of water for Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government has purchased Dong River water from Guangdong since 1965.[1] Over 70% of domestic water in Hong Kong is imported from the Dong River.[2] Its discharge is about 807.5 cubic metres per second (28,520 cu ft/s).[3]

Historical findings [ edit ]

A dinosaur egg fossil dated back to the Late Cretaceous was discovered by primary school student named Zhang Yangzhe while playing near the Dong River in 2019 in July. The boy's mother, Li Xiaofang, later contacted the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum members, and under their excavation guidance more than 10 dinosaur egg fossils each about 9 centimeters in diameter and dating back to 66 million years were revealed.[4][5][6]

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