Dongping dialect

Dongping dialect
Native to Urban Dongping County in the People's Republic of China
Region China
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
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Dongping dialect

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Dongping dialect (simplified Chinese: 东平话; traditional Chinese: 東平話; pinyin: Dōngpíng Huà) is a Mandarin Chinese dialect spoken in Dongping County in Shandong province.

Tones [ edit ]

Tone name yin ping (陰平) yang ping (陽平) shang sheng (上聲) qu sheng (去聲)
Tone contour [2] 14˩˦ 53˥˧ 55˥ 312˧˩˨
Tone contour Before qingsheng 312˧˩˨ 55˥ 14˩˦ 53˥˧

vocabulary [ edit ]

Person First person Second person
Odd number 我/俺 你/恁
Negative number Include interlocutors
Does not include interlocutors
Dongping dialect Standard




he ...的时候 when
bán ...一样... as ... as
xié very
就儿 jiù er 顺便
náo 不好 bad
告底 gǎo dīr 最终 eventually
前儿 qiè er 前天 the day before yesterday
夜儿 yè er 昨天 yesterday
今儿 jǐ mēnr 今天 today
明儿 mià er 明天 tomorrow
清起来 qíng qī lai 早晨/早上
头晌午 tòu sháng wu 上午
晌午 sháng wu 中午 noon
过晌午 guǒ sháng wu 下午 afternoon
傍黑 báng héir 傍晚 nightfall
后晌 hòng hang 晚上 night
niǎ 妈妈 mom/mather
大大 dāda 爸爸 pappy/father
dǐng 屁股 butt

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