Du Du A

Du Du A
Also known as Du-Du-A, Du Du Ah
Origin Belgrade, Serbia
Genres New wave, post-punk, alternative rock, synthpop, funk, reggae, rap, trip hop
Years active 1981 – 2013
Labels PGP-RTB, Jugoton, MTS Records, Good Taste Records
Associated acts Grupa I, VIA Talas, Doktor Spira i Ljudska Bića, Električni Orgazam, Katarina II, Rimtutituki, Partibrejkers,
Past members Dejan Kostić

Vesna Zafirović

Dragomir Mihajlović

Vlada Funtek

Vuk Vujačić

Wayne Adams

Zoran Radomirović

Zoran Zagorčić

Aleksandar Jaćimović

Du Du A (Serbian Cyrillic: Ду Ду А) was a Serbian alternative rock band from Belgrade.

History [ edit ]

Du Du A was formed in 1981 by the former Grupa I member Dejan Kostić (guitar, bass, vocals) and the former VIA Talas member Vuk Vujačić. The two started writing material which featured a combination of funk, reggae and dance music. During the late 1981, the band was joined by the former Ganeša member Zoran Zagorčić (keyboards, vocals). A number of musicians collaborated with the group, including Nebojša Antonijević "Riki Rif", Goran Vejvoda, Bebi Dol, Saša Habić, Dejan Stanisavljević, Aleksandar Jaćimović, Igor Gorstuški and Vlada Funtek.

Their debut single "Ja Tarzan, ti Džejn" ("I Tarzan, You Jane") was one of the first Yugoslav recordings to feature a form of rap music. The single appeared on the debut album Primitivni ples (Primitive Dance), produced by Dejan Kostić, presenting the band's interest in a diverse range of at the time popular genres. The album featured the prominent songs "Solar", "Ja ne bi, ne bi, ne bi" ("I Would Not, Would Not, Would Not") and "Strast" ("Passion"), a cover version of the blues standard "Fever". The song "Znaš li devojku" ("Do You Know The Girl") featured the Kenyan vocalist Steve Haningtnon "Steva Šumadinac".

After the album release, during 1983 and 1984, the band was on hiatus because Kostić had been in Egypt, performing in Cairo clubs. On his return, the band resumed their activities. However, with the exception of the single "Irie", released in 1985, the band had not released any material until the appearance of the acoustic version of the song "Era Vulgaris", recorded at the unplugged festival held on January 1994 in Sava Centar, on the various artists live album Bez struje (Unplugged), released by MTS Records in 1994.

The comeback album Ritual, released in 1996 on compact cassette only, beside the material entirely written by Kostić also featured a cover version of the Stevie Wonder song "I Wish" with lyrics in Serbian language entitled "San" ("A Dream"). Kostić recorded all the instruments on the album with the help of Miloš Pavlović (guitar, co-producer, co-author, sound technician), Nenad Jovanović (vocals), Srđan Marković "Đile" (vocals) Aleksandar Jaćimović (saxophone) and Dejan Stanisavljević (piano).

The band's final lineup was Dejan Kostić (vocals, sampler, guitars, bass, rhythm machine) and Vesna Zafirović (vocals).[1] On July 7, 2013, Dejan Kostić died from injuries in a car accident.[2]

Legacy [ edit ]

The song "Znaš li devojku" appeared on the 95th place of the B92 Top 100 Domestic Songs list polled by the listeners of Radio B92 in 2006.[3]

The Serbian alternative rock band Svi na Pod! covered the song "Afrikanac u Beogradu" in 2008.[4]

Discography [ edit ]

Studio albums [ edit ]

  • Primitivni ples (1982)
  • Ritual (1996)

Singles [ edit ]

  • "Ja Tarzan, ti Džejn" (1982)
  • "Irie" (1985)

Other appearances [ edit ]

  • "Era Vulgaris" (Bez struje; 1994)

References [ edit ]

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