Dub Sessions

Dub Sessions
Remix album by
Released 2007
Genre Reggae
Length 52:54
Producer UB40
UB40 chronology
Live in Montreux 2002

Dub Sessions



Dub Sessions is a remix album by reggae band UB40 released in December 2007 as a download album and also available to buy on CD at concerts. The album features seven stripped-down dub versions of songs from the subsequent regular UB40 release, TwentyFourSeven, and three original dub tracks.

Track listing [ edit ]

  1. "Alum Rock" ("Securing The Peace")
  2. "Night Drive to Tijuana"
  3. "New York Sidewalk" ("Slow Down")
  4. "Dub Drop"
  5. "Bananaman Dub" ("Oh America!")
  6. "Bubblin' in Dublin"
  7. "Duck Soup Dub" ("End of War")
  8. "Innocent Dub" ("Rainbow Nation")
  9. "Soundcheck Dub" ("Once Around")
  10. "Doomsday Dub" ("Instant Radical Change Of Perception")

Titles in brackets represent the 'regular' version of the track that appeared on TwentyFourSeven.

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