Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
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Department overview
Formed 1948 (as Electrical and Mechanical Office)[1]

1982 (as Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)[1]
Preceding agencies
  • Electrical Office [1]
  • Mechanical Office [2]
  • Transport Office [3]
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Headquarters 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

22°19′35″N114°12′14″E / 22.326387°N 114.203949°E / 22.326387; 114.203949Coordinates: 22°19′35″N114°12′14″E / 22.326387°N 114.203949°E / 22.326387; 114.203949
Employees 5,566 (March 2019) [4]
Annual budget HK$1,518.4m (2020-2021) [5]
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Department executive
  • Eric Pang Yiu-hung, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services
Parent department Development Bureau
Politics and government

of Hong Kong
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The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD; Chinese: 機電工程署) is a Hong Kong government department responsible for inspection and enforcement of operation and safety of many electricity and gas installations; railways and trams; lifts and escalators; amusement rides; working platforms on building sites, and many other diverse areas. The department has two main branches: Regulatory Services and Trading Services. The department falls under the purview of the Development Bureau. The incumbent Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services is Alfred Sit.[2][3] The two deputy directors are H. C. Lai and T. H. Tai.

Regulatory Services [ edit ]

Trading Services [ edit ]

There are three branches under the Trading Services and each branch is led by an assistant director.

  • Engineering Services Branch 1
  • Engineering Branch 2
    • General Engineering Services Division
    • Municipal Sector Division
    • Health Sector Division
  • Corporate Support and Business Development Branch

Innovation and Development [ edit ]

In 2018, EMSD has setup an Interactive Learning Center in 4/F, EMSD HQ. The learning center has introduced the latest VR (Virtual reality) Learning systems for Electrical and Mechanical industry including the first LED Immersive CAVE in Hong Kong by combining the technologies of immersive VR and BIM (Building information modeling) [6] and the VR training system for Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Passenger Boarding Bridges.[7]

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