Expressways of Shanghai

Shanghai has an expansive grade-separated highway and expressway network consisting of 16 municipal express roads, 10 provincial-level expressways, and 8 national-level expressways. Three municipal expressways and four provincial-level expressways are also under construction.

Municipal express roads [ edit ]

Most municipal express roads are found in the inner districts of Shanghai, including several elevated highways which run directly above surface-level roadways. In Chinese, these expressways are literally termed city high-speed roadways (Chinese: 城市快速道路), and their maximum speed is typically 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph). These are still considered expressways or controlled-access highways because of the presence of ramps, grade-separated junctions, and the absence of traffic lights. Most of these expressways are elevated and run above a lower-speed roadway. The Inner Ring Road is a beltway, while the Middle Ring Road, once fully constructed, will also be a beltway.

Primary express roads [ edit ]

These are primary express roads that form a major backbone of expressways within the city core. Of these four, the Inner Ring, North–South, and Yan'an Elevated Roads form a (a Chinese abbreviation for Shanghai) shape. The Middle Ring forms a second orbital surrounding the Inner Ring Elevated Road, but is not yet fully complete.

English name Chinese characters name Termini Notes
Inner Ring Road

Also known as Inner Ring Elevated Road

Ring road 47.7 kilometres (29.6 mi) long. Crosses the Huangpu River using the Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge.
Middle Ring Road 中环路 Jinqiao Road and Pudong Avenue, Pudong

Middle Huaxia Road, Shenjiang Road, and Huaxia Elevated Road, Pudong
Sections of Middle Ring Road are still under construction. Its length so far is 59.25 kilometres (36.82 mi). When complete, it will become a ring road. Crosses the Huangpu River using the Jungong Road Tunnel and Shangzhong Road Tunnel.
North–South Elevated Road 南北高架路 (lit. South–North Elevated Road) Jiyang Road and Yaohua Road, Lupu Bridge

Shanghai S20
18.1 kilometres (11.2 mi) long.
Yan'an Elevated Road 延安高架路 Hongqiao International Airport

The Bund, Bund Tunnel, East Zhongshan No. 1 Road
15 kilometres (9.3 mi) long.

Auxiliary express roads [ edit ]

These are other express roads that serve as part of the municipal expressway network. Of these, six belong to the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, a network of municipal expressways serving Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

English name Chinese characters name Termini Notes
Beidi Elevated Road 北翟高架路 Jiamin Elevated Road

Middle Ring Road
7.3 kilometres (4.5 mi) long. Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Bund Tunnel 外滩隧道 Speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph).
Dujiaqu Elevated Road 度假区高架路 Formerly known as Shenjiang Elevated Road.
Hongdi Elevated Road 虹翟高架路 Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Hongmei Elevated Road 虹梅高架路 Middle Ring Road at West Shangzhong Road

South Hongmei Road Tunnel
10.4 kilometres (6.5 mi) long.
Hongyu Elevated Road 虹渝高架路 G50 Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Huaxia Elevated Road 华夏高架路 Middle Ring Road at Shenjiang Road

S1 Yingbin Expressway near Pudong International Airport
15.6 kilometres (9.7 mi) long.
Humin Elevated Road 沪闵高架路 Inner Ring Road

G60 / Shanghai S4 / Shanghai S20
13.32 kilometres (8.28 mi) long.
Husong Highway Elevated Road 沪松公路高架 In planning.
Jiamin Elevated Road 嘉闵高架路 Kokudou 312(China).svgG312,

Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Jianhong Elevated Road 建虹高架路 Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Luoshan Elevated Road 罗山高架路
Songze Elevated Road 崧泽高架路 G15

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2
Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub.
Wuzhou Avenue 五洲大道 Xiangyin Road Tunnel

G1503 / Shanghai S20
7.0 kilometres (4.3 mi) long.
Yixian Elevated Road 逸仙高架路 Inner Ring Road

G1503 / Shanghai S20
9.5 kilometres (5.9 mi) long.
Caobao Elevated Road 漕宝高架路 Part of the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub. Under planning.

Provincial expressways [ edit ]

Designations for provincial-level and federal-level expressways in Shanghai had the letter prefix A before the number of the expressway. Starting at the Yingbin Expressway, which was designated the number 1, the numbers increased clockwise around the city. For ring expressways, the designations A20, A30, A40, etc., were used. For expressways connecting to other provinces which already had national designations (beginning with the letter G), designations with the letter A were attached.

In August 2009, Shanghai replaced its system of naming expressways with the prefix A with the letter prefix S, in order to conform to the standard designations for provincial-level highways within China. The S means Shengdao, or provincial-level roads. The letter prefix A was abolished.

Signpost Designation Former designation English name Chinese characters name Termini Notes
Shanghai Expwy S1 sign with name.svg S1 A1 Yingbin Expressway 迎宾高速公路 Shanghai S2 / Shanghai S20 in Pudong New Area

Shanghai S32 at Pudong International Airport
18.5 kilometres (11.5 mi) long.
Shanghai Expwy S2 sign with name.svg S2 A2 Shanghai–Luchaogang Expressway 沪芦高速公路 Shanghai S1 / Shanghai S20 in Pudong New Area

Yangshan Port, Zhoushan, Zhejiang
74.8 kilometres (46.5 mi) long including the Donghai Bridge.
Shanghai Expwy S3 sign with name (old).svg S3 A3 Shanghai–Fengxian Expressway 沪奉高速公路 Shanghai S20

Zhoudeng Highway
Extension to Fengxian District under construction.
Shanghai Expwy S4 sign with name.svg S4 A4 Shanghai–Jinshan Expressway 沪金高速公路 G60 / G92 / Shanghai S20 / Humin Elevated Road in Minhang District

G15 in Jinshan District
Shanghai Expwy S5 sign with name.svg S5 A12 Shanghai–Jiading Expressway 沪嘉高速公路 Middle Ring Road

Yecheng Road / South Bo'le Road in Jiading District
20.5 kilometres (12.7 mi) long.
Shanghai Expwy S6 sign with name.svg S6 A17 Shanghai–Nanxiang Expressway 沪翔高速公路 G15 in Jiading District

Shanghai S20 in Baoshan District
9.4 kilometres (5.8 mi) long.
Shanghai Expwy S7 sign with name.svg S7 A13 Shanghai–Chongming Expressway 沪崇高速公路 In planning, partly under construction.
Shanghai Expwy S12 sign with name.svg S12 Never assigned Chongming–Haimen Expressway 崇海高速公路 In planning.
Shanghai Expwy S16 sign with name.svg S16 Never assigned Shanghai–Yixing Expressway 沪宜高速公路 In planning.
Shanghai Expwy S19 sign with name.svg S19 A6 Xinnong–Jinshanwei Expressway 新卫高速公路 G1501 / Shanghai S36 in Xinnong, Jinshan District

Shanghai S301 (Xinwei Highway) in Jinshanwei, Jinshan District
Shanghai Expwy S20 sign with name.svg S20 A20 Outer Ring Expressway 外环高速公路 Ring road 99 kilometres (62 mi) long. Crosses the Huangpu River twice, using the Xupu Bridge to the south and the Outer Ring Tunnel to the north. It is the third in a series of four ring roads around the city of Shanghai.
Shanghai Expwy S22 sign with name.svg S22 Never assigned Jiading–Anting Expressway 嘉安高速公路 In planning.
Shanghai Expwy S26 sign with name.svg S26 A16 Shanghai–Changzhou Expressway 沪常高速公路 G15 in Qingpu District

Continues as Jiangsu S58 at the Jiangsu border
Shanghai Expwy S32 sign with name.svg S32 A15 Shanghai–Jiaxing–Huzhou Expressway 申嘉湖高速公路 Shanghai S1 at Pudong International Airport

Continues as Zhejiang S12 at the Zhejiang border
Shanghai Expwy S36 sign with name.svg S36 A7 Tinglin–Fengjing Expressway 亭枫高速公路 G1501 / Shanghai S19 in Jinshan District

G60 in Jiashan County, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, just outside Fengjing, Jinshan District

National expressways [ edit ]

National highways and expressways in Shanghai both have the prefix G, an abbreviation for Guodao (国道), which literally means National roads. It is important to note that both grade-separated, controlled-access expressways and normal at-grade highways both have the prefix G. Only the national-level expressways are mentioned here. National-highways which are at grade and not controlled-access are also found in Shanghai, and these include Kokudou 204(China).svg G204, Kokudou 312(China).svg G312, Kokudou 318(China).svg G318, and Kokudou 320(China).svg G320. Expressways also have green-coloured signs while their highway counterparts have red-coloured signs.

Designation Former Shanghai A designation English name Chinese characters name Termini in Shanghai Continues towards Notes
China Expwy G2 sign with name.svg A11 Beijing–Shanghai Expressway 京沪高速公路 Middle Ring Road

Jiangsu border
Beijing G2 Beijing–Shanghai Expressway and G42 Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway are concurrencies for their entire length in Shanghai.
China Expwy G42 sign with name.svg Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway 沪蓉高速公路 Chengdu
China Expwy G15 sign with name.svg A4, A5 Shenyang–Haikou Expressway 沈海高速公路 Jiangsu border

Zhejiang border
Shenyang (north)

Haikou (south)
China Expwy G40 sign with name.svg A14 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway 沪陕高速公路 G1501 (Shanghai Ring Expressway)

Jiangsu border
China Expwy G50 sign with name.svg A9 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway 沪渝高速公路 S20 Outer Ring Expressway and Yan'an Elevated Road

Jiangsu border
China Expwy G60 sign with name.svg A8 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway 沪昆高速公路 S20 Outer Ring Expressway, S4 Shanghai–Jinshan Expressway, and Humin Elevated Road

Zhejiang border
Kunming G60 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway and G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway are concurrencies from Dagang Interchange of G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway to Zhejiang border.
China Expwy G92 sign with name.svg G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway 杭州湾环线高速公路 G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway

Zhejiang border
China Expwy G1503 sign with name.svg A30 Shanghai Ring Expressway 上海绕城高速公路 Ring road almost entirely within Shanghai.[1] Ring road Signed as G1501, the old route number.

China Expwy G1501SH sign with name.svg

Yangtze River fixed crossing [ edit ]

Shanghai has one bridge-tunnel crossing spanning the Yangtze Delta to the north of the city. The G40 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway follows the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel from Pudong to Changxing Island, and then over the Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge from Changxing to Chongming Island and finally via the Chongming–Qidong Yangtze River Bridge from Chongming to Qidong in Jiangsu Province on the north bank of the river. A second fixed crossing is planned to the west of this bridge, and will become part of the S7 Shanghai–Chongming Expressway.

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ The G1503/G2/G42 Huaqiao Interchange is located in Kunshan, Jiangsu, but is managed by Shanghai authorities.
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